A start-up in Melbourne pioneering an automated roll call marking process in
schools, using facial recognition technology.

Looplearn is a start-up based in Melbourne, Australia looking to engage with public and private schools, and offer a new way of carrying out the role-call process.

The challenge


The client needed a website that would target a range of users, from students and parents, to school decision makers and journalists. After breaking down the brief supplied by the client we hypothesised that innovative decision makers who feel frustrated about inefficient roll call practices need to improve efficiency but face outdated thinking and negative misconceptions. Our initial challenge was then to prove or disprove this hypothesis through research.

My role


One-week Agile Sprint
As a team of four we collaborated throughout the UX process, using the 'Double Diamond' model as a guide. I had hands-on involvement with the following:

Tools used

  • Figma (Prototyping)
  • Sketch
  • Miro (Sythesising)
  • Post It notes
  • Otter (Research)
Looplearn Research
"I am a visual person - I read the big words first."
"What are the benefits of Facial Recognition Technology to me?"
The affiliation logos show credibility”
"I have read the big paragraphs and I still don't know what they do!"




  • School decision makers:
    Running the day to day school operations. Regularly communicates with teachers and reports to Principal. Suggests school wide changes.

Research statistics:

Gorilla research interviews
Asking members of the public thought about Facial Recognition Technology
Survey Responses
Casting the net wide and asking relevant Reddit and Facebook groups about any preconceptions they may have
One on One Interviews
Interviewing Head teachers, Deputy Head teachers and IT managers about implementing new technology in schools.
Usability Tests
Testing the existing site on relevant user groups to discover any pain points.

Key insights

  • Based on Google Analytics, 77.8% of site users were desktop users.
  • 70% of school business decision makers wait to see how other schools use new technology before trying it themselves.
  • 20% of all survey respondents know nothing about Facial recognition technology.
  • Over 30% of school business decision makers are reluctant to changing the current system.
  • There is a general misunderstanding of exactly how the technology works.
  • Schools distrust how the data is being stored and used.
  • Schools are unsure how FRT will actually improve their current systems.
  • School decision makers are interested in using the technology to improve efficiencies in school, but faces resistance from other people based on misconceptions.



Affinity Mapping

Deputy Principals generally had a positive outlook on the technology, but that they needed to 'proceed with caution' because of resistance from parents and Principal.

They also need to be able to read and learn about Looplearn products as quickly as possible as they need to be able to relay this information back to peers.


Meet Mike.
Mike is a Deputy Principal at a school in Melbourne. He has been in the current role for eight years and is tech savvy and keen to move the school forward with emerging technologies to improve efficiency. He faces resistance from not only the Principal, but also from parents. He distrusts FRT but this could be because a lack of knowledge and current immaturity of the technology.

How might we..?

By analysing our Customer Journey Map and specifically the pain points and opportunities, we arrived at out 'How might we?'

How might we optimise the LoopLearn website experience to better educate Mike on the crucial topics of "How it works", data security and privacy, so as to build greater trust and prompt a call to action?



Ideation started with creating an MVP matrix to identify features that could be incorporated quickly, as well as high value features that were key, and those that would be put into a backlog to be reviewed in future iterations.

MVP Matrix

Key points:

Images and a "How it works" animation would provide Mike with a digestible guide to how the Looplearn products work, and reassure him that the data is safe and secure.

Add statistics and videos to emphasise the positive impact that LoopLearn products have had on similar schools.

Prominently communicate the benefits on how the LoopLearn technology will help Mike in his school.

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